Wednesday, July 25, 2012

::Carter Says::

I asked Carter to give his brother his binky his reply was... No I Have Enough Of That

As Carter was playin with Diesel's tail I told him to stop he would bite & growl at him...his reply... But he has a tail & I have a hair tail...

♥ ky
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

::Carter Says::

Carter is one of thee funniest kids I know. He says some of the most off the wall here is probably a DAILY post I will be starting so I can remember some of the daily laughters in my mommy life...
Saved By The Bell: House Party
Screech's parents go on vacation and the boys are in charge of the house. Instead of a party they decide to have a boys night. They do a cute little rendition of Barbara Ann By The Beach Boys. Carter calls it BOP BOP AROUND. Every night at bed time we have to watch Bop Bop Around at least 5 times. & he even sings along with them!

On Our Walk::
Mom These Are My Muscles and This is My Muscle Shirt!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We have been up to some fun things the last few weeks... overload.... enjoy!! :)

**....Bomma Ancy's (translation Grandma Nancy. Trevs Mom)....**
Carter has been kind of attatched, ok actually really attatched to things he has done at Bomma Ancy's. anytime we are around water he will throw rocks in & say...just like we did @ bomma's! I love it!!

oh by the way that middle picture of the nest was actually built by the birds on top of a light pole. the power company had to move it because it was threatening the birds & the power... It's HUGE!

**Relay For Life In Emery County Utah**
This was the first relay without Grandma. I thought it would be a lot harder than it was. I knew there would be people coming up to Grandpa Mom & her sisters & brother telling them how much they missed her & loved her & what a great person she was...they were definitely right...she is/was AMAZING. She always will be. She has done just as much for the family up there as she did on Earth. Its been almost 11 months without her & I still choke up when certain things are said or I look at pictures of her. But most of all I tear up leaving Grandpa every time. It's just the tighter squeeze he seems to give, or the way he says love you & miss you sweetheart. I know he has Aunt Mandy Aunt Val & Uncle Matt there, but I know he really misses us when we leave. It seriously breaks my heart...I don't know if anything has ever broke my heart more.

We had a wet time @ the relay. It downpoured most of the time we were there. But in between I did get a few pictures.

First off Grandma was there the whole time! She loved rainbows. It rained the day of her funeral & a rainbow was there. On somedays when It's tougher than most & rains I look for a rainbow hoping to see her! She NEVER lets me down!

One of the better pictures of me & trev!! Me & the boys! Wyatt is fascinated with his tongue lately, & Carter is not really into pictures anymore. It bums me out but he is still cute!

Matt Mandy Mom Shannon Val & Papa

The whole group
The grandkids- carter once again did NOT want pictures. He's in the corner.

Daddy & Bug!
We love the hat & shades look!

We all got shirts for the family!
In Memory of Grandma Vicki!!

Karson & Carter readin books & tacklin each other before we left!! Carter had sooo much fun with his cousins!

**.....Trevs Birthday.....**
so i am sure most of you know the feeling of living paycheck to paycheck. Well trev's birthday was tuesday & we didn't have much money to go do something. We have kinda been neglecting the whole family hangout time thing. We both decided it would be a good idea to just spend time together for free! So to Alexander Second Bridge we went. Carter was so excited to go fishing.

He is so dang curious & I am so dang scared of water. It made me a little nervous but he loved it!

He loved sitting in his Toy Story chair & fishing. He NEVER held still, but surprise....

We caught 2!! Carter even caught one on his pole!! He loved every second of it!!

♥ ky
Monday, July 9, 2012

::Huge Insight::

I read this from someone's blog I follow! It is amazing & has totally changed the way I feel about my body.

♥ ky