Sunday, April 28, 2013

::Private...Once & For All::

So one of my blogger friends posted about her stats...
a link that has looked at her blog...
for a family blog...I knew I should have stayed private.
I have a link like that as well...
It disqusts me that this happens...
This is for good!
You have till Tuesday April 30! to get me your email address's.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

::May- Blog Every Day::

I follow Jenni at Story Of My Life & she has put together a fun Blog Every Day Post!! I am so excited!!

">Check It Out!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

::Thoughts Tuesday::

I have been having a rough patch lately! I have been crying a lot..I mean like everyday. I thought I was going crazy & so did my poor husband. Those that know me know that I have had lots of eating issues. Not so severe to be forced to rehab or end up in the hospital, but it is still a battle. I dropped a lot of weight in high school. I know I have done the most rewarding thing by bringing my boys into this world, but it sucks that your body has to be so screwed up afterwards. It use to be so easy to get in shape & stay that way. I am so out of shape it's ridiculous & I have no ambition to do something about it. Then it seems like when I do try I don't see results. It is such a huge flip flop situation. I have to tell myself constantly that I am Enough The Way I Am. I know I'm worth it. Staying healthy for my boys is huge. I don't ever want to have such a terrible problem to take myself away from my boys. I would be devastated. I love them so much. I know I will never look the way I did in High School. Trevor is my rock. He tells me constantly how beautiful I am & how much he appreciates the things I do for our family. I really need to learn to love myself...just takes time.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

::New Sights For Us::

Braden came with us so I was kicked to the
backseat with bubs. We took lots of pictures.
On Our Way. It was kinda a yucky day but
 sometimes those days make the best pictures.
The boys sitting by the waterfall at Garden of Eden.

One of the waterfalls at Shoshone Falls.
The Mecham boys!
Cute little turds!

Kam has moved to Boise. :( Sad day for us. We get to meet him at the Garden of Eden truck stop. They love it. It has a huge waterfall that you can throw money into. We also got to go see Shoshone Falls which is like 9 miles from where we meet Mattie. It is a little bit longer, but that's a small price to get our little Kam Bam. We miss him when he's not with us, especially Carter. 

My so cute little family. Trev & Wyatt are about
the only normal ones in this pic. Carter was
bored and it was too bright for Kam, and my hair
was blowing everywhere.
Thursday, April 4, 2013

::Happy Easter::

We celebrated Easter just a little early so Trevor could play with the boys. Carter was so so so excited when he woke up that morning. He has only wanted this motor bike forever. He asked every time we went in Wal- Mart. Bubs hasn't figured out how to get on and moved it but he loves to push it and make the noises! Kam is just barely getting to see his stuff & loves his Spider-man bike!

We also went to the county easter egg hunt! As you can tell Carter is thrilled to be there with Kas!! That poor Easter Bunny is lookin a little freaky & Carter absolutely hated him! I do not blame him at all! Wyatt was intrigued.
Grandma & Grandpa's Easter Egg Hunt! The boys and Kasleigh had a blast!


BO!! a.k.a Bocephus

He is my early birthday present!
He is so fun & so cute!!
Diesel does not like him however!
We are working very hard on potty training & now that it is summer hopefully he will catch on quick!