Sunday, April 21, 2013

::New Sights For Us::

Braden came with us so I was kicked to the
backseat with bubs. We took lots of pictures.
On Our Way. It was kinda a yucky day but
 sometimes those days make the best pictures.
The boys sitting by the waterfall at Garden of Eden.

One of the waterfalls at Shoshone Falls.
The Mecham boys!
Cute little turds!

Kam has moved to Boise. :( Sad day for us. We get to meet him at the Garden of Eden truck stop. They love it. It has a huge waterfall that you can throw money into. We also got to go see Shoshone Falls which is like 9 miles from where we meet Mattie. It is a little bit longer, but that's a small price to get our little Kam Bam. We miss him when he's not with us, especially Carter. 

My so cute little family. Trev & Wyatt are about
the only normal ones in this pic. Carter was
bored and it was too bright for Kam, and my hair
was blowing everywhere.


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