Wednesday, December 31, 2014

• 2014 Best Memories •

2014 brought me some of my best , worst & most scary moments I've ever experienced! It's ok that it's over!!

Peyton James was born. One of the most bittersweet times I have ever had to go through. Those emotions resurface daily. That day is something I will never forget. 

Wyatt turned 2!! He is the instigator out of all these boys!! He's so much fun!

Just 2 weeks after Peyton came home, we had to take Wyatt to get a surgery done. He had an undescended testicle. The doctor doesn't like to fix this problem after 2 years old. We watched & waited for it to come down & it never did. It was horrible to watch him go back! But he did fall asleep before hand which was the best. He did good, healing process was good & no more problems! 

We got our new pup Dali! She is a mastiff/Great Dane. 

 These two boys started school!

We celebrated six years of marriage!! I love this man so much!!! He must love me a lot to put up with my crazy self!! We got to see & meet Rodney Carrington! I'm pretty sure he is Trevs ultimate idol!


Carter turned 5!

Kam turned 7!

This momma has resolved to be H•A•P•P•Y!!

I have resolved to *lose weight*

I have resolved to [play more] 

I have resolved to L❤️ve more 

Happy New Year

Saturday, December 27, 2014

• Jake the Elf & His 2014 Adventures

Jake had a lot of fun this year.
 I missed a few pictures towards the end. Those nights I almost forgot about him & was in a rush to get him moved!!! 

• Santa Spoiled Some Extremely Happy Boys •

Santa came for a visit! The kids were so excited to see him! 

Christmas is so much more fun with little kids. The look on their faces say it all when they opened their gifts. We got Kam at 2, Santa came while we were gone! 

Some of the most exciting....
Carter: Battle Shell Michael Angelo ( has been asking for months )
Wyatt: Paw Patrol Racers ( we watch every morning )
Kam: A hunting Gun & Bow & Arrow Set 
Peyton: A Fisher Price Farm & Barn 
Mom & Dad: A Brand New 50" TV!! ( first one we've ever bought! )

I'd say these cute boys got everything they wanted from Santa!! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

• Happy 7th Birthday Kam •

I can't believe Kameron is 7 already! It feels like just yesterday he was coming to visit Trev & I for the first time. He was such an amazing little baby. That boy made his daddy grow up real fast, but in an instant he had his daddy wrapped around those baby fingers!

Kam is a outside boy through and through. He loves tools, dirt, his dogs, hunting & haulin cows with his grandpa Mark in Malad. He is spoiled, but what oldest child isn't right!? 

He loves his baby brothers & is so helpful, well usually, when I need a distraction! 

He is smart & strong willed! 

We love him so much & can't imagine life without him! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

• I BELIEVE... •

{ I BELIEVE } your family near and far, will be the ones you will fall back on for comfort. The quote that always hits home
This last year has been one of my toughest. I have been tested in every single one of my roles... As a mom, as a wife, & mostly as the person I always thought I'd be. My family has & always will continue to be there! 

{ I BELIEVE } that if you don't work for what you want, it won't fully be yours. Things are handed out to people so easily now. 12 year olds are getting cell phones... 15 year olds getting new trucks before their license. I love to hear stories from grandparents from their childhood about how hard they worked just to earn $1.00. I look up to the people who have earned everything they own. I grew up doing chores as a child & as soon as I could I got a job. I raised 3 steers & paid for my drill team in high school. I am so very thankful to my parents for installing in my head that working hard will get you what you want. I admire and look up to my dad more than he will ever realize. He is the true definition of a hard worker. He never stops, no matter what. We are raising the boys just the same. They have chores & if they listen the first time, they get what they want. 

{ I BELIEVE } there is a lesson to be learned in every trial we go through. I thought life was falling apart when Peyton was in that ambulance going to Primary Childrens. I honestly felt there was a chance I could lose my baby. Diabetes is not something to be messed with, it has a mind of its own. And every single second I spend with these boys of mine is priceless & should be cherished. I learned that this life with my family needs to be done with love and focus on them. Those messes I want to clean up every 5 minutes show that my boys are enjoying their childhood. They are little boys and they need to have fun. 

{ I BELIEVE } your spouse should always be your best friend. I don't remember this often enough right now. It's true when they say your spouse gets pushed away when kids come into the picture, and it's usually the husband. I'm guilty way to often of this. I'm tired, I need to sleep when they do, you would never survive 2 hours of sleep or the constant crying like I do. My attitude sometime is horrible towards him when he gets home. It's not fair, it's not his fault. We recently went to his work Christmas party. It was so much fun. We rented a room & went out with friends afterwards. It needs to be like that way more often. He knows me inside & out. He is my best friend. I trust him with everything I know & love. He deserves the best. 

{ I BELIEVE } that God does not give us more than we can handle. He has perfect timing & I know this because we were able to stay with Peyton so much. The reasoning. My mom & dad were well on their way to moving to Southern Utah & starting a business and about a month or two before Peyton was born they were told they couldn't get the loan. At the time we as a family were so bummed. When Peyton was born I realized they were needed to stay with my kids & let me lean on them for 2.5 months. He knows what He's doing all the time!