Monday, June 23, 2014

• Family Night •

We decided to start doing a family night once a week. Not necessarily on Monday, just once a week. We chose to go fishing tonight!! It started out fun....

Wyatt was the only one who caught anything! A small bass! He was totally thrilled with himself!!

We packed a picnic dinner & fished for about an hour & a half. It ended with a sad 4 yr old who caught no fish & a sad baby P who was hungry.
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

•Peyton Is 4 Months Old•

Weight: 10 lbs 8 oz
Height: 22.5 in

Peyton is doing so good!

*He is 3 weeks of no insulin. I am so relieved!

*He still has night time colic & refuses to eat luke warm bottles. They must be as warm as you can get without burning him!

*He lays on his side but just can't quite get the extra push to get his belly.

*Speaking of his belly, dislikes tummy time any longer than 5-10 minutes.

*Tried rice for the first time & he likes it but isn't quite sure what to do with his tongue!

*He is starting to recognize familiar faces & gives thee biggest smiles when he knows who it is!

*Sat upright in his jumper for 20 minutes twice so far. He is so strong!

*Loves to snuggle things while he sleeps. A fabulous friend did a Scentsy fundraiser for us & she gave Peyton a Scentsy buddy! His name is Rowan the Raccoon & Peyt loves him!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

•Why I had to say goodbye to Facebook•

Not just see ya later... Not just oh I need a break. Like I LITERALLY deleted my account.

I know this post with offend some people... Welp,, I'm me & if you don't like my blunt honesty, were/are we really that great of friends?

Facebook used to be fun for me. It used to be a good way of keeping up with people from school or other meetings here, there & everywhere. I loved seeing what everyone was up to, it soon turned into 1) what everyone was eating 2) what day everyone worked out & how they did it 3) & now it's all about fitness challenge & 21 day fixes. I'm sorry but I feel very annoyed & pushed away because of it. Now I know it's a great way to get things recognized & lots of people on board with what's going on. Don't get me wrong, it got Peyt's through his stay at PCMC. We were extremely blessed.

I also found it very addicting. I have 4 (5) (if ya count the hubby!) boys that vie for my attention constantly, Facebook & being nosy took my time for them. It's so easy to get drawn into what someone says on there.

Negativity was at it's highest, I feel like. Not only the post updates, but on the yard sale pages. Yes I was guilty of stalking that page, but the way people acted if they didn't get something or if someone was selling an animal. Are you kidding me? It's not their life story, if they can't keep their pets at least they are giving them a new, loving home & not abandoning on the side of the road. People are just to chicken to say it to faces & they take to social media to hide. I stayed positive throughout our trials by staying off Facebook. I shared pictures & updates on my Instagram & blog, then linked to FB through it, rarely checked FB.

It's just not the fun, love seeing new updates & pictures Facebook anymore. So Goodbye time consuming, negative, stalking tool of the world. I have better things to do.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

•Could We Really Be Done?•

We met with Dr. Clements & got some of the best news!

We are 6 days free of insulin. I am so ecstatic & proud of my fighter! It's like we have a normal baby! I still have to check him in the mornings & when he gets sick just to make sure that insulin isn't necessary.

I have been looking forward to this for months....

See ya later Diabetes...we'll meet again in about 12-14 years!!