Wednesday, July 31, 2013

::Blogging With A Purpose. If I Won The Lottery:

I haven't wrote for quite awhile. We haven't been doing a lot. The usual, play outside, swim & run in the sprinklers & going for our nightly walks.

Just as a topic to write for fun, I picked...If I Won The Lottery!!

1) Buy a property here in town that a lot of people are extremely envious of...knock the house down, build a new one & watch my husband be happy.

2) I would pay my parents back with interest for everything they have covered for us. & build them a new house too!

3) I would pay off all the vehicles & buy some fun toys.

4) I would put a college fund with almost all tuition plus extra, for every child.

5) I would give to charity, probably a childrens hospital.

6) The rest would be put away into a savings account.

This may be super fun to think about, but I would still work as would Trev. T.V. shows show the reality of what happens after the lottery. I would never want to file bankruptcy or lose everything over being so stupid. Money is a fragile thing, it can either make or break your life. I would love to be rich & have a luxurious life, but right now our marriage is amazing. We struggle & it sucks & its hard. We love each other & trust each other. We can make it through anything together & its an amazing feeling.
Sunday, July 14, 2013

::My Life 5 Years From Now::

Topic from 52 Weeks of Blogging With A Purpose...

Hmm something huge to think about & really isn't that far away! Time goes by pretty fast, if ya haven't noticed.

5 years from now it will be 2018.

5 years from I will be done having kids.

5 years from I will be 29. Trev will be the big 30. Kameron will be 10. Carter will be 8. Wyatt will be 6. The new baby will be almost 5. Wow...

5 years from now I will probably be one of those fun moms helping out in the boys' classes for holidays & teacher appreciation!

5 years from now I hope to have our savings account on track. We may have newer stuff now, ( thanks in a large part to the previous owners of our home) eventually things will break.

5 years from now I hope to still see our fun & loving family still loving every second we spend.

5 years from now my boys will still need me every day. One day I know they won't & I will be devastated.

5 years from now my parents may live in Utah & the boys will start spending weeks down there just like I used to with my grandparents. Memories I will never forget.

5 years from now I hope to see my brother married & my sister with at least one more niece or nephew for me to spoil.

Friday, July 12, 2013
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

::Who I Am::

This is my first post from the 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose.

I am lots of things.

I am a daughter from these 2 amazing people.

I am a sister to these two.

I am a wife to this man who works so hard to support our family. I love him so much.

I am a step parent & a mommy to these three amazing little boys.

I am an aunt to lots of nieces & nephews. I am a granddaughter to some amazing grandparents.

Physically that is what i am, but i am also a very emotional person.

I am a very hormonal woman, i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve & over-exaggerate lots of things. I love to love & love to be loved. I am over protective with my boys & i always worry about them. They are my most prized posession. I am fearful of the future, but i am also very hopeful. I am trying to be positive & i try to teach the boys the right way to live. I am doing my best as a Stay at Home Mom. I am a hard worker. I am a friend to many & an enemy to some, but i try my best to kill them with kindness.