Wednesday, July 31, 2013

::Blogging With A Purpose. If I Won The Lottery:

I haven't wrote for quite awhile. We haven't been doing a lot. The usual, play outside, swim & run in the sprinklers & going for our nightly walks.

Just as a topic to write for fun, I picked...If I Won The Lottery!!

1) Buy a property here in town that a lot of people are extremely envious of...knock the house down, build a new one & watch my husband be happy.

2) I would pay my parents back with interest for everything they have covered for us. & build them a new house too!

3) I would pay off all the vehicles & buy some fun toys.

4) I would put a college fund with almost all tuition plus extra, for every child.

5) I would give to charity, probably a childrens hospital.

6) The rest would be put away into a savings account.

This may be super fun to think about, but I would still work as would Trev. T.V. shows show the reality of what happens after the lottery. I would never want to file bankruptcy or lose everything over being so stupid. Money is a fragile thing, it can either make or break your life. I would love to be rich & have a luxurious life, but right now our marriage is amazing. We struggle & it sucks & its hard. We love each other & trust each other. We can make it through anything together & its an amazing feeling.


  1. Nice! If I were to donate to a charity it would hands down go to primary children's. I am not sure exactly what I would do if I won the lottery. I would probably pay off all our student loans & debt and then pay for the rest of my husbands schooling! Haha! BORING!!! (he is planning on law school in a few years.) Its gonna be crazy.

  2. Law school!? You guys are insane!! So fun tho! It is so stinkin expensive if I was in school or Trev that is definitely what I would do to!!