Thursday, June 27, 2013

::52 Weeks or Maybe Some Freeze Ideas::

I go through spurts of when we have so much to blog about & I can't get caught up, or I go through blah days when we do nothing & we're boring. Well here is such a cute little prompter for me. I love things like this, but I don't ever follow through after day 20. I feel like this something I can do in order but do it on my own time & if I want todo more than one a week I can!! So here is the link if anyone needs ideas....
Thursday, June 20, 2013

::Utah Times::

My parents are hoping to move down to southern Utah where they grew up, so sad. My dad went down to work on some farm stuff at the new place, we went down for a few days to go to my cousins baby shower & to see my dad. The kids had a blast. They love seeing their cousins.
(Photo credit to my cousin Amber) We had swimming parties almost every day. We got to stay at Grandma & Grandpa Toomer's! My boys were so good there, especially for their first time staying. My grandma is the cutest, she had a room set up for us, carter had his own mattress to sleep on & a T.V. to watch movies. She had every meal ready for us & the kids were spoiled with snacks. Grandpa even got the mini horse out for the boys. Carter loved him, Wyatt did not at all.
Monday, June 10, 2013

Island Park 2013

We got to go to mini-vacation to Island Park last weekend! Trevor's aunt & uncle went in together to rent this for the Ricker family. So sweet of them!
I thought all of us would be a tight squeeze but it wasn't to bad! The kids had a blast in all the dirt & with their cousins. So I'm just gonna add lots of pictures!!
On our way! The boys were so excited!
The boys got to go boating with their dad! Kam loved it, Carter did not!
Huge nasty frog Trevor caught in one of the little lakes!!
My nephew Colton has always been a favorite of my two youngest kids. For some reason, he is the most fun & is able to calm down Wyatt super fast! The kids watched Wreck It Ralph & Carter begged Colton to sit by him!
We also stopped at Mesa Falls on our way home. It was so pretty. These next few are of our stop!!
Our family at Mesa Falls 2013 We had so much fun!!
Thursday, June 6, 2013

::Small Town Life::

Yes that is life-light the middle of town. I really wish I would have gotten pictures of how many people had drove to the parking lot to see this. Don't worry it was only a mock disaster but wow were we nervous. The helicopter hovered over the center of town for a good 5-10 minutes, he landed right across from the stake center & I swear the whole town was there before, during or shortly after the event. Ya know they should put out a flyer saying there would be a mock life-light scenario happening on a certain day. There are huge perks of being in a small town & this is definitely one of the most excited happenings in our town.

::Daddy's Big Helpers::

Trevor has been doing this class since has felt like forever. He has been juggling EMT class Monday & Wednesdays, Fire meetings the first three Tuesdays & work on top of it all. To say it honestly I have felt a little alone & doing this kid thing on my own but it will hopefully all work out in the next couple weeks with his state testing. That is if he passes! I'm confident he will tho! We went with dad to his EMT class to help them out with their pediatric chapter. It really was so fun. The boys had a blast playing with all the other kids. It was really eye opening to see what they do during makes it all worth it, plus he has taught me a thing or two. Here are some pictures I got of the kids & dad.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

::Carter Chronicles::

As Wyatt was bugging him on the couch Carter says, "bubba if you do dat one more time I'm gonna fweak (freak) out!! I got extensions in February. Carter loved them at first, then he kept pointing to my mom's family picture at her house when I had short hair & kept saying "I want my real mommy back." So my hairstylist is having a baby soon so I took them out & a good idea for summer too! He got his mommy back!!

::First Camping Trip of 2013::

We were still in Idaho Falls at Eastern Idaho Tech Schools Fire Academy & I get a phone call saying we are going camping. Oh man...I'm not much of a camper but it makes fun memories for the boys so I bucked up & we went up Ant Canyon. I didn't get a picture & I am bummed but we slept in our van. We pumped the air mattress & put all the seats down. We could seriously live in our car...(hopefully we wont) anyways. My dad also built us girls a cute little teepee toilet!! Carter found some shells & a few of them had snails still inside. I was kindly was fun & carter loved it. We got tons so he wants to wait till Kam gets home & wants to paint them! Fun little afternoon activity for us!

Unfortunately the two babies were not so fun...very whiney, crying, and clingy. Yucky runny noses & rough sleeping was our days....we took both Kasleigh & Wyatt to the doctor..double ear infections for both of them. I feel bad now that we were so annoyed by the way they were acting. I was so frustrated & now all I want to do is snuggle to make up for it!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

::Carter's Chronicles::

We are back with Carter chronicles!!
So Carter is getting into such a funny little stage...tonight on our walk he kept running away from us...why you ask...because LaCIe didn't ask if he wanted to go with her & by the time he seen she water leaving it was to late & he was very upset. He stayed a couple feet ahead of walking with his little bow legs & pigeon toes. He just kept telling LaCIe he was mad because she walked away from him. He ignored us for the next couple blocks. When we got back to moms house he said that mean Carter isn't allowed to come & play at grandmas house so he told him to go away & bring nice Carter back. Well nice Carter is back although he didn't go to sleep till 12:15 a.m. I still love him!!