Thursday, June 20, 2013

::Utah Times::

My parents are hoping to move down to southern Utah where they grew up, so sad. My dad went down to work on some farm stuff at the new place, we went down for a few days to go to my cousins baby shower & to see my dad. The kids had a blast. They love seeing their cousins.
(Photo credit to my cousin Amber) We had swimming parties almost every day. We got to stay at Grandma & Grandpa Toomer's! My boys were so good there, especially for their first time staying. My grandma is the cutest, she had a room set up for us, carter had his own mattress to sleep on & a T.V. to watch movies. She had every meal ready for us & the kids were spoiled with snacks. Grandpa even got the mini horse out for the boys. Carter loved him, Wyatt did not at all.


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