Wednesday, June 5, 2013

::First Camping Trip of 2013::

We were still in Idaho Falls at Eastern Idaho Tech Schools Fire Academy & I get a phone call saying we are going camping. Oh man...I'm not much of a camper but it makes fun memories for the boys so I bucked up & we went up Ant Canyon. I didn't get a picture & I am bummed but we slept in our van. We pumped the air mattress & put all the seats down. We could seriously live in our car...(hopefully we wont) anyways. My dad also built us girls a cute little teepee toilet!! Carter found some shells & a few of them had snails still inside. I was kindly was fun & carter loved it. We got tons so he wants to wait till Kam gets home & wants to paint them! Fun little afternoon activity for us!

Unfortunately the two babies were not so fun...very whiney, crying, and clingy. Yucky runny noses & rough sleeping was our days....we took both Kasleigh & Wyatt to the doctor..double ear infections for both of them. I feel bad now that we were so annoyed by the way they were acting. I was so frustrated & now all I want to do is snuggle to make up for it!!


  1. Oh yes! I havent blogged about it yet because im just still in awe that i did it! But i truly do love it!!

  2. Awesome! they are SO much easier to get kids in and out of carseats, and I seriously love all the features and such. Ya! I wanna see it! :)