Wednesday, December 31, 2014

• 2014 Best Memories •

2014 brought me some of my best , worst & most scary moments I've ever experienced! It's ok that it's over!!

Peyton James was born. One of the most bittersweet times I have ever had to go through. Those emotions resurface daily. That day is something I will never forget. 

Wyatt turned 2!! He is the instigator out of all these boys!! He's so much fun!

Just 2 weeks after Peyton came home, we had to take Wyatt to get a surgery done. He had an undescended testicle. The doctor doesn't like to fix this problem after 2 years old. We watched & waited for it to come down & it never did. It was horrible to watch him go back! But he did fall asleep before hand which was the best. He did good, healing process was good & no more problems! 

We got our new pup Dali! She is a mastiff/Great Dane. 

 These two boys started school!

We celebrated six years of marriage!! I love this man so much!!! He must love me a lot to put up with my crazy self!! We got to see & meet Rodney Carrington! I'm pretty sure he is Trevs ultimate idol!


Carter turned 5!

Kam turned 7!

This momma has resolved to be H•A•P•P•Y!!

I have resolved to *lose weight*

I have resolved to [play more] 

I have resolved to L❤️ve more 

Happy New Year


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