Saturday, March 16, 2013

::Grandparents...The People We Look Up To::

 My boys love Grandma Ancys house. Phil & Nancy are such good grandparents, they are always so happy & welcoming even with what feels like a million little boys running around. I get so annoyed knowing that they are being so loud,but then there is Grandpa & Grandma reassuring me that they are seriously just fine. I am so glad that we live so close to them to just go up for the weekend.
I lived 6 hours from my grandparent & it was always so hard to rarely see them, usually only once or twice a year & sometimes we would go for a week in the summer. I always loved going & staying with them. We developed a very close & strong relationship. I talked to them weekly. I never went a week without talking to my Grandma Vicki, even in college. I considered her one of my best friends.When I was old enough to understand what my Grandma was really going through with her Cancer, it was a hard hit. I knew she was in pain, but to me she had always been strong and put everyone else before herself. She always made sure that we had everything we needed growing up & never hesitated to give us what we needed.I  am so glad that my mom was able to go home to be with her before she passed. My grandma had all of her kids and her husband with her when she left this world. I remember getting the phone call from my mom letting us know she was gone. I cried, but it is certain little things that make me miss her and want to be able to call her, when my boys do funny things, when I had Wyatt ( although I know she got to spoil him before he came to us), when we bought our house....I love her & miss her. It is so hard to realize that she will not be there when I go to Ferron or that when Mandy comes she isn't bringing Grandma with her. She was always one of my biggest fans. She supported me through everything...she was there at every Poky drill team competition & every year end review. She was at my wedding, even tho she didn't have any hair & was self conscious about it. She put ME always. It will be two years this year that she has been gone and August 22 will always be a hard day for us...but she is always here...& I know for a fact that she feels SO much better. Her pain is gone & she can finally rest in peace.
When I started to date Trev I got to meet his family right off the bat, as did he. I think that is part of the reason we ended up together. I knew from the moment I met them I wanted to be a part of their family. One of the other most amazing women I know is his Grandma Ricker. She was always there for Trev's family, there for the kids during their high school sports the best she could be ( they lived in Island Park). When they moved to Shelley they were always there for the family. Trev has the best memories with his Grandma & Grandpa at the cabin. He tells me about them all the time. Grandma was always so welcoming and so thoughtful. I loved her as if she was seriously my own blood. But that's just how Trevor's family is. You feel as if you have always been there. They are all so loving & so nice.We will always miss Grandma. Grandpa is not the same but he is beginning to be back to himself. After losing your sweetheart & your best friend, you can't expect someone to be the same. It has got to be one of the hardest things ever. When Grandma got sick, it was apparent that she was probably going to go pretty fast. It was so sad to watch her suffer. It's a terrible thing to watch & watch your family be so upset. We will always miss her & we will always love her.

I want my kids to have the kind of relationship with their grandparents as we did. We are fortunate enough to live down the road from my parents & only 2 hours from Trev's parents. My boys feel deprived if they don't see my parents on a regular basis & they love when we tell them we are going to Firth. Half the time Carter would rather be with my parents than me. He practically lives there. I want them to feel lost if they don't talk to their grandparents. I want a close relationship. Our parents are the best grandparents, they are thoughtful, helpful, willing, amazing, caring, fun, entertaining....I could seriously go on & on about them.

I just hope & pray they stay close with them.

Grandma Vicki Crosland
Grandma Betty Ricker


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