Friday, July 3, 2015

• A Mothers Love •

My husband showed me this video of Marc Mero & his mothers love! I cried my eyes out! It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear how much he had put his mom through & yet amazing because of the love she had for him, she never gave up on him! Do you have anyone like that in your life, even though you have messed up multiple times? 

I remember bits and pieces of high school really well. There are lots of memories with my dance team & then there is one distinct memory with my mom. I battled an undiagnosed eating disorder for most of JH/HS. My mom & dad found out because of a girl at school snitching on me, while I was puking after lunch. I wasn't very sneaky in JH!  I learned a little better (or so I thought) & gave up the bulimia & took on anorexia. It was much quieter & a lot more easy to hide. My mom soon found out, but by that point I was deep in it & around 100 lbs. I felt good. I was still dancing at my top potential & excelling in school! I wasn't hurting anyone, according to my me. My mom knew I was dying inside. She never once "punished" me because of it. She knew that wasn't going to do any good. She was my biggest supporter. I was confident in telling her how I felt. She did lots of research where to send me for therapy. Living in a small town & a dad who was a farmer, we didn't have the money to go somewhere like that. I felt like I wasn't that severe of a case to go to rehab. So I sought out my school counselor & she definitely helped me get through high school! My mom never gave up on me. She has helped through some of my toughest moments as a wife & as a mom. She will always be there for me & never look down on me. I love her so much! 


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