Wednesday, June 20, 2012

::fAthErS dAy::

This is what the boys got their daddy for fathers day. It took a lot of hard work for this momma to get mr. carter bug to cooperate & take the picture. he is a little stubborn, ha it doesnt help both his parents are that way!!

We spent the morning with my dad.he is my hero & will always be. He is amazing to me & always has been. he is an amazing dad & grandpa! my boys love him & look up to him just as much as I do! i inherited his hard working, never give up attitude! he has the best humor & can make you laugh no matter what!

We then went to Firth for the next few days! Trevs parents do so much for us & Kam! since kam lives so close to them they usually take him as much as possible. they are amazing & just to give you an example of what a loving & amazing Grandpa Phil niece Megan was on her way home with a friend from Boise. they are going to school in Rexburg. Well outside of American Falls she broke she called and grandpa rushed to the rescue. He left as soon as he got off the phone & put his shoes on! Amazing, he would do ANYTHING for any of us!

This guy is my favorite of all!!
I love him so much! The boys look up to him & do everything just like him. I love to see the boys interact & play with him. He teaches them so much. When I had Wyatt, Trev really stepped up & helped out so much & has continued to help me out more & more each day! he works so hard to provide for us so I can stay home with the kids. I love being able to stay home & know that no matter what Trev will do whatever it takes to keep his family happy. He is such an amazing person, I dont tell him enough how much I appreciate everything he does for us!

♥ kY


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