Friday, June 22, 2012

::MoMs ARE AmAzInG::

Seriously what you do without a mom?? I don't know what I would if anything happened & I lost my mom! I LOVE her! She is amazing. She still takes care of me even though I have my own babies to take care of! I have been still feeling really down & in this nasty little thing called depression Let me tell you I HATE IT. its not bad enough that I can't get outta bed, but it is bad enough that there are some days I slack on housework & getting myself ready. I feel horrible because even though my husband has a way good job it just seems like we get behind on bills & it kills me that I can't help.

Yes I know I am the mom & that's most important, but when I can't get myself ready because all I am doing is cleaning its brings me down & then I second guess everything & feel really yucky.

I was talking to my mom yesterday about being behind on things & just not being myself cuz lets face it in high school I cared more about what I looked like & now I feel like a huge slob... well I was telling her how much I hate my hair & really needed a change.

She made me a hair appointment today & I got my hair cut!

I love her! She is amazing & helps me with anything & everything.

p.s. my mom and sister are so amazing they even did my dishes picked up my living room & made my bed while I was gone....see AMAZING!!
♥ kY


  1. Awww thanks for the shout out!!!! LOVE you BIG!!!!