Friday, August 10, 2012

::HoGLe ZoO::

We anticipated this day for a good week!! Not only Carter was asking but so did Kam! Every single day. It was super hot & Wyatt was such a trouper the whole day! He was super hot & tired by the end tho!

Ky & Kam
Mommy & Wyatt
On the train lookin at all the other animals

Bomma & Carter They were best friends all day. He didn't want a thing to do with us.

Me & Trev on the train

Carter checkin out the snakes & the tigers

The Giraffes

Papa & Bug
Trev & Kam

Daddy & his boys watchin a snake eat a mouse....Disqusting I know.

Kam was one very tired boy. He went to sleep shortly after we got out of the zoo parking lot!!
♥ ky


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