Friday, September 21, 2012

::Here's the Story Of Us, How We Met & The Sparks Flew Instantly::

& a great place to meet your future husband as well!
This hot guy added me with this picture as his profile picture. He loved & still loves football. He was one of those jocks in high school! {We don't really know who added who...I just say it was all him}
This was me. I was a sassy, senior, who thought I knew all! I loved dance & lived my life to the fullest! We had so much fun! Then this hot, college guy added & I was on cloud 9.
He was a Firth Cougar & I was a Grace Grizzly. His H.S. football team made it to the state qualifying championship game. They were playing in Poky at the Holt. I went out on a limb & decided to meet up with him there. {Don't worry. I'm fully aware that was the dumbest thing I have ever done & probably the most dangerous. Hello! In my defense it was a public place, until I went back to the apartment with him & Ryan!} Since I was still in high school we both decided it was best to go out but not exclusively date. This was one of the first times I went to the apartment. Sorry it's a little blurry.
So I made it through high school & he was there to support me. He was there then & he always supports me now. I lucked out!
In the mean time of me finishing High School & summer Trev was also dating someone else. From that relationship came this little boy. Kameron Chrisopher John was born to Trevor Mecham & Mattie John. I am the only step-parent Kam has ever known & I like it that way. He is one of the smartest little guys I know! an Amazing big brother. & such a huge help to me around the house when he is home with us!
In August of 2008 Trevor proposed to me on my Great Gma. & Gpa Toomer's 50th anniversary.
October 3rd, 2008 I became Mrs. Kylie Mecham I visited Yellowstone for the first time on our honeymoon!!
In February Of 2009 we found out we were expecting our first baby! Carter Trevor Mecham came to us on November 11, 2009. I love this little boy so much. He is our most entertaining for sure. We never have a dull moment with this little boy.
We moved to Utah for a year when Trev got a underground coal mining job. Consol closed in December of 2010 & we moved home & into my parents house for 4 months. Trev was able to get a job In Rock Springs. He drove back & forth every weekend for almost 5 months. In May of 2011 we found out we were pregnant again!
Wyatt Lee Mecham came to us with the roughest pregnancy & hardest delivery on February 11, 2012. He is my sleeper! Has slept from 9-6 since he was 2 weeks old, and takes 3 or 4 naps a day still. He loves interacting with his brothers & he is growing far to fast!
& this is our most recent family photo! We are just pushing through! we have our rough times & our great times! We love life & we don't like it sometimes! But it is our life & I would never take back adding that cute, college guy on Myspace in 2006!!


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