Saturday, October 6, 2012

::Marriage Advice Desperately Needed::

As much as possible, put yourself in your mate's shoes and see things from his or her perspective. Keep an open mind and be willing to adapt.

Lately I have felt like I just cannot keep this house clean, organized ....anything. It has been a constant struggle. When Trev comes home I can't help but think that in his head he thinks I am the worst. Example..{kinda embarrassing but whatever} 1. Trevor is on nights...I HATE NIGHT SHIFTS. 2. We go to my mom's while he is sleeping so he can at least function all night at work. That means I don't get to do house work till 5...which means my house looks like a tornado hits it every day. 3. By that time my boys are ready for dinner, baths & then bed time sneaks up so I still can't do much but kitchen & laundry. So frustrating. So here is my example of why I feel like a failure housewife...I piled all the laundry on my bed yesterday so I could fold it at least before I went to bed {I thought to myself if it's on my bed I will HAVE to fold it} didn't happen. I put Wyatt to sleep, snuggled Carter, woke up with Carter still drooling all over me at MIDNIGHT. Needless to say when Trev got home this morning @ 8 I had Wyatt in my bed {no-no} & laundry pushed over against the wall still piled on my bed. Yeah...that's right people I slept with my laundry. Can you say PATHETIC.

Now you get it...I have got to do better with this house cleaning thing. If it was me coming home to a tornado house after working a 12 hour shift I would be livid.

Trev does so much for our family. He gets up so early to start his 16 hour day & works his butt off just so I can stay home to raise our boys. The least I could do is make sure he has a nice hot meal & a clean house to come home to.


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