Monday, October 22, 2012

::Update on Ang::

This was posted on the caring bridge website from Ang's sister Christina! I will update it here so my family can read it as well...Cancer hits a big spot on my side! We love you Ang!!

"Like a champion, Angela is set to face another round with cancer. We had hoped after all she had been through that her battle with it was over, but on Tuesday, October 16th, our hearts sank when we received the news that the MRIs showed two spots of cancer on her brain -- one in the front, one in the back, both on the right side. She will be returning to Huntsman's tomorrow to begin some pre-surgery mapping and testing, with more testing on Wednesday and surgery on Thursday. Her doctors are optimistic that both spots can safely be removed, and they have been very positive about some treatment options as she moves forward. In the past few years, a new medication has been developed that has shown some very positive results, so that is encouraging. Right now, it is about taking it one step at a time, so we are focused on getting her through surgery on Thursday."
Written by: Christina


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