Friday, October 12, 2012

::the little things::

I sometimes have such a hard time with this. Some days I feel like it is the hardest thing to juggle two kids. Reality's not. Its still fairly easy. But.. when I have one screaming & hungry in one arm & the other tugging at my pant leg because he wants to tell you what the dirt bike rider is trying to drive up the "ladder" {ramp} & he is out of gas & wants help to find the gas can...I tend to pay more attention to Wyatt & make a bottle instead of pay attention to Carter's dirt bike catastrophe. It's not right & not very motherly. I need to take the time to listen to all of Carters imaginary stories! They are entertaining & he gets so into it the first time he tells me. The 2nd 3rd & 4th time he just ends up saying nevermind. It's a hard transition to get a younger sibiling. Carter got all my attention for 1.5 years. Now he doesn't & can't quite split up the time with Wyatt. Carter is seriously only 2. I hate that I get upset with him when he can clearly hear his brother screaming but still bugs me for my attention....

My little brother not only ignores us when he ask him questions about girls but he blantely avoids us when we know he has gone out with a girl. I get so discouraged knowing he's not comfortable telling us about these girls.

I want my boys to tell me what is going on & who they are dating & what their relationship is like with the girl....

I need to take two seconds and listen to the boys now, so they don't avoid me in the future!


  1. Love LOVE this post Ky! That quote is SO true and such an eye opener! AWESOME!