Saturday, May 24, 2014

•More Hormonal Than A Woman•

Yeah that's right I honestly am so confused & annoyed by diabetes.

Peyton has been home for one whole month & up until last Thursday it had been relatively easy. No lows & 2 highs!! Then we just HAD to go to the Dr. Peyton was not circumcised until now because Primary's wouldn't do that procedure. He had been really fussy during the day, which is not like him. I had Dr. Hardin check his ears & he had a right ear infection & the left was starting as well. I was so sad that I let this tiny guy get ear infections. So we started an antibiotic for that & Tylenol for his circumcision. I knew he would be high because of the sickness & the medicine but I didn't realize how high.

Before Peyt got sick he was off insulin for 3 days. I was ecstatic thinking that we were done & his little pancreas was kicking in. It must not have been functioning well enough to withstand sicknesses. We started back on his Lantus (long acting) at night time. So far he has been on it for 7 days. The 8th day (yesterday) I talked with his diabetes nurse & because his sugars had been between 72-140 she felt it was to low for him. We are 24 hours without insulin now & doing great!

This continues to be a rollercoaster. Peyt is a trooper. He is so strong & continues to amaze me.


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