Sunday, May 11, 2014

•Our Family Is Whole Again!•

I know everyone knows that Peyt came home on April 22,2014! It was one of the most exciting days of my mommy life!

My goal the whole time he was in the hospital was that he would come home on or before my birthday! 2 days after isn't to far off.

It seemed like forever as we waited for the hearing screen to be done, it was the only thing stopping us from going home early afternoon. She was a busy lady! As soon as we got home, my cute little Carter instantly fell in even more love with Peyt!

He has been such an amazing help with his younger brothers!

Kam got to meet him for the very first time as well that following weekend!

Eventually Wyatt & Kas decided that since Peyton wasn't going anywhere, they would like him too!!

Another favorite visitor we've had for a Peyton is Makenna!! They're D-friends (diabetic)! She made him a super cute zebra blanket!!

He is such a happy little boy!! I love his grins & how happy he gets to see my face!!!

Trev Ky Kam Carter Wyatt & Peyton


  1. How exciting! He is adorable. You are super mom to be able to go through all of this!