Wednesday, April 16, 2014

•The End Is Near•

He received his immunizations at Primary's. He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz!

I have hesitated putting this out for the Facebook world, but Peyton COULD be coming home within the next week!!! Eeeekkk...

He has been doing so good on his insulin injections & we took his PICC Line out while we were there last Tuesday!

I had almost forgotten how to dress him with both sleeves!! It's so amazing to see him without all the stupid wires.

He is eating at least 57% of his feeds! He is on his 2nd round of thrush & it's very painful. It's harder for him to eat, but he is pulling through!!

While Trev & I were there we met with a Diabetes nurse from the pediatric unit. I understood so much more after her explanations!

We also got our glucometer so we got to start practicing with that! We learned how to draw up his insulin & where to give the injections!

It's going to be a rough start learning a new routine for us, but we have made it this far!! We can do it!!

Trev Ky Kam Carter Wyatt & Peyton


  1. That's GREAT news!!! :) Fingers crossed that things keep going well so little Peyton can break free from the hospital! :)