Tuesday, December 25, 2012

:: 2012's Most Memorable::

After the mine shut down in Emery we moved back in with mom & dad. We jumped from job to job, moved into a house & submitted half a million resumes (ok probably not that much, but ya know). We finally received a job offer to Kiewit! Trev has been there the whole year & continues to enjoy the job.                                                                                    FEBRUARY
Wyatt Lee Mecham came into our family! He was a terrible pregnancy from 32 weeks up until he was taken via emergency C-Section. He is now an amazing & happy baby!!                  
My aunt that lives in Utah got us all tickets to Disney on Ice! It was Toy Story 3 & my boys were in 7th heaven. I was only a month out of having an insanely painful C-Section but it actually wasn't to bad to drive to SLC & sit!!
We also had Grandpa Phil bless Wyatt, It was an amazing experience & I am so glad that they could drive down to bless him.                                                                
Easter was a blast. Aunt Lacie came over & helped us color eggs! We did a hunt that Grandpa Corey set up at his house & went to one at the fairgrounds. We had a lot of fun!                                              
I entered Wyatt into a baby contest with Bryana Likes Photography. He won. We had like 116 votes or somethin. So fun! This was our family , it seems nice but don't let it fool you Carter ran around screaming the whole time & Wyatt cried to. They were naughty. But Bryana is amazing & got some really good ones of the boys!
We also got a new puppy!! He is a rescue dog & my tag-a-long! He was not treated very well & left to survive in the mountains alone. The kids love him & he is such a snuggly dog.
May was a busy month. Kam also graduated from Preschool! He is such a smart little boy & I can not believe he is going to Kindergarten next year.                
Fathers Day!! Trevor is such an amazing dad to these boys! He provides for all of us & he makes sure he sacrifices for us. He is a hardworking amazing loving & kinda cute ;) man & I love him so much!
We went to Relay For Life in Emery County. We go every year, this year was our first without Grandma. Last year the family received the banner in the picture. Gosh I could go on about how much I miss that woman & how strong, amazing, selfless she was but that would take forever!                                                      August
We went to the Hogle Zoo! We met my aunt & Grandpa from Ferron. It was so fun with the kids. They were very hot & very tired by the end!                      
Kasleigh Nicole Thomas finally arrived!! A week late, but she made it! She is a puker but we love her anyways!!                    
Happy Halloween! We went to the carnival at the elementary. Kasleigh was a lady bug, Wyatt a moose, & Carter a dirtbike rider! Carter didn't want to trick or treat so we went to 5 houses & called it quits. We just handed out candy at my mom & dads & he liked that better!
Carter turned 3! I can't believe i have a 3 yr old. He is my best friend. Major perk of being a stay at home mommy! He is hilarious & beginning to turn into a sneaky, sassy boy. I love him so much!
Our family from Utah came up for Thanksgiving. We ate at the lunch room at the H.S. so nice & less crowded! We also got to play basketball! It was so fun!!
Kam turned 5! Holy cow! I can still remember the first time we got to take him over night! I love that kid. He is such a huge help with the younger boys!!
Christmas party with Santa!!
Christmas morning. We have been through so much this year!! Good times & bad, job layoff threats, & drama but we are a family & we always will be!!

Happy New Year! &hearts The Mecham Family


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