Friday, February 1, 2013

::I'm Back::

I am... looking forward to summer more & more everyday.
I keep...thinking my new house will be organized by itself, sadly I know that's not going to happen.
I wish I could... be a better cook. I feel bad feeding my family pizza & mac & cheese so much.
I love... watching my boys play together. Wyatt loves Carter so much & I love the bond forming between them.
I dance... around with my boys & Carter thinks I'm hilarious.
I think... Carter is going to be my biggest handful through his teenage years.
I really... need to take losing weight more seriously.
I need to... start getting ready more often. I don't know what it is after having kids that makes you lose a little self worth but it blows.
I should... go to bed now that both boys are finally sleeping. We haven't gotten much sleep in like 4 days due to Wyatt's nasty 101+ fevers.
I can... still stand on the tips of my toes without pain (like Rose in Titanic).
I like... working at a job & I kinda miss getting out of the house everyday, but I wouldn't change being home with my boys for anything. I make... to much drama out of small things said to me sometimes.
I always... have a Mt. Dew in the morning, if I don't I can't function the rest of the day.
I love... my thoughtful, amazing, hot, hard-working husband.


  1. Ky! I am so glad you made your blog public again! :)Your blog is super cute!

  2. Oh... and your family picture is really cute. You look AWESOME! and if you ever go private again... invite me! :) thanks!