Thursday, March 20, 2014

•New Feeding Schedule•

We have been with Peyton the last few days. He is doing so good! He is eating 33 mL in his bottle & 17 mL in his feeding tube every 3 hours. We wanted to try it all at once so he was getting his full 50 mL within an 1 1/2 hrs. We hoped it would give us some sort of answers with his glucoses, it didn't. It jumped up to 327, it hasn't been that high for a while. They want to try it through the night & if it doesn't seem to stable out we will go back to what we were doing. He was getting his bottle feed, his food pump shut off for 2 hrs & then his last hours worth through the tube. Kinda confusing when I have to type it out, I hope it makes sense. Tomorrow is a tube change, those days are rough on Peyt! He is up to 6 lbs now tho! The bad & sad news comes with the good!! 


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