Thursday, March 6, 2014

•Results Are In•

The blood sample sent to the United Kingdom came back & it confirmed what we thought possible. Peyton has a 6q24 chromosome defect. It affects the way his body makes insulin. When we first got to Primary's they did a test & Peyton was making zero insulin to begin with, but he does have a pancreas so that is good news. They are thinking by the time he is 4-6 months old it goes away & the body will make insulin. It is still classified as transient (temporary) & it may come back to be permanent in teenage years. As far as the endocrinologist knows only 6-10 cases were written about this. There could be more & just not recorded in medical journals. We have an extraordinarily rare baby & case!!!

Peyton weighs 4.971 lbs now! One whole pound gained in the month we've been there!! He continues to be fed through his continuous feed tube & his numbers have been excitingly level for 2 days now!! He is still on antibiotics till Sunday for his little bug. It's a good day!!


  1. That is so nice to finally have a few answers! Yay for normal level numbers and weight gain! :) Those are great signs! Almost there! :D

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