Sunday, March 9, 2014

•Some Answers•

When we were home last week I received a call from the nurse saying they had hopefully figured out why Peyton has been having such high nights & normal days! His insulin tubing has been changed every night in the past month, Dr. Null decided to change it to every three days now. This made a huge difference in his numbers at night! He has stayed in a 60-160 range for the past three days! Tonight was a tube change, so we are experiencing high numbers. We feel assured to know that the reason for the highs!! Hopefully the highs do not last long & we are back to normal by afternoon tomorrow!

Also, Dr. Null has been in contact with a Ph.D that has made an insulin pump for infants as young as 2 years old. He explained our situation & that if it was possible to use the pump on Peyton he would write it up! So they are going to send one to him & as soon as Peyton gets enough fat to put the site in, we can try it!! I can't wait!


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