Monday, May 14, 2012

::Bachelorette Monday::

Ok so to spice up my blog a little I decided to do something different a couple days...well here is
Bachelorette Monday

-Cute little intro with Rikki & life as a single mommy
-wow doesn't she look cute in the morning
-she has the same pink shirt on 2 nights in a row
-flashback with brad...he was fake anyways
-big girl panies...ha ha sounds funny
What I Think Of The MEN
Kalon...ugly,snob who has lots of money
Ryan... pro football.YUM. very cute & fit
Tony...workout freak & daddy to cute 5 yr old, was married before
what has 2 thumbs & is gonna marry Emily...this guy...(kinda lame)
Lerone...nice.. writer,Emily song lame, use some other words dude
Charlie...CUTE!! sad accident that could have killed me strong guy
Jef... SLC guy (imagine that) lamo skateboarder with hair like the guys in footloose or grease...
Arie...race car driver...brings back sad memories for Emily...not good
The boys are coming...
first one... Sean-blondy, cute
David- glad shes the bachelorette
Doug- hugger, has a little boy who is 11
Jackson- lifes not measured by the breaths you take...yada yada...this is one of those moments..yuck
Joe- yuck you are insane & annoying screaming EM-I-LY
Arie- cute meeting
Kyle- in awe over Emily
Chris- follow your heart be yourself advice from dad
Aaron- geek biology teacher bit hes here to have chemisrty with 3mily...seriously gag
Alessandro- your real, well no crap sherlock, talks brazilian to her...ugh
Jef- rides behind the limo on a skateboard then throws it...PUNK
Lerone- looks good all dressed up
Stevie- you are a party mc...comes up look retarded with your boombox..& your ugly
Charlie- oh you are so cute...polite with his yes maam
Tony..the names charming, prince charming..(with a shoe) tries the shoe the things you men come up with.
Randy- coming in dressed as an old gma...seriously. & you forgot your name dude
Nate- he smells.good & hes cute
Brent- moley moley moley on his face with a name tag so she doesnt forget him
john- but his friends call him wolf..john wolf
Travis- with a huge egg in his hand its a symbol of her & rikki...he will take care of the egg thru the the journey like he would take care of them...gag me
Michael- first impression is.disgusting & gross looking
Jean-Paul- dont know anything bout her
Alejandro-she speaks spanish to him
Ryan- oh thinks so too wrote on one side of paper you are beautiful the other side im so nervous...seems down to earth...LOVE HIM!
Kalon- seriously a helicopter...dude you are stupid & annoying with your hoity toity money
While they are mingling with everyone::
*No one likes Kalon already...i hope he goes home.
*tip one- she is a hopeless romantic
* of course all they can say is she is absolutely gorgeous
*chris your a weirdo with your bobble head of yourself & Emily...FREAK & a scene with the bobbleheads. but she thinks he is hot...hmm
*travis reminds me of Kasey Kahl from alis season
*doug relates being a single dad who has custody, his son austin wrote Emily a note, I like him too!!

OHHHH First Impression rose...

no one likes Kalon "helicopter guy"

Arie breaks the news he is a race car driver...she loves racing...its ok

First Impression Rose goes to.....DOUG!!!!! Austin won that one for him too!

Getting Roses Tonight:
Kalon YUCK

My Favorites:

I am most looking forward to who referred to Rikki as "baggage" & who she told to get the f*** out of here!!!


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