Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Its Summer Time

The Boys have been having so much fun playing with their stuff outside.

Here is a little update on them:

*sings the ABC's about 5 times a day when he is home, he is so smart
*loves his baby brother & is such a huge help with both brothers
*still would rather play with his loader tractor than anything
*helps with dishes & dinner every day when he is home
*is growing FAR to much & FAR to fast out of EVERYTHING
*loves his "educational" cartoons- mickey mouse, umizoomi & dora

*is infatuated with Saved By The Bell, he knows all of their names
*is the most stubborn little boy I have ever met
*if he doesn't get his own way we see the real monster come out
*never goes to sleep before 10
*is getting so good at putting his own shoes on & on the right feet
*is still into dirtbikes:bradens, toy ones & movies

*is up to 4-6 oz at every feeding
*is still in the 90th percentile for everything
*sleeps through the night:: 9:30-7
* loves to be standing back hurts constantly from standing up
*has to snuggle a blanket every nap time & bed time
*has the cutest smile & giggle

I entered Wyatt in a Beautiful Baby contest with Bryana Likes Photography (if your in the Idaho Falls area look her up! She is amazing!!) anyways we had our pictures done last week & they turned out so so good! Definitely considering the circumstances. Carter cried & ran around the ENTIRE time & Wyatt cried too.
So those are a few from her blog:
& a few hanging out at the house.


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