Thursday, May 31, 2012


After we lost Harley we knew we wanted another Mini Dachsund. We loved Harley. She had her moments,but all in all she was a really good dog.

Well this is Diesel. He was abandoned up King Canyon here in Grace. For those of you who don't know the area, it's one of the main hunting areas here. Yes what you are thinking is right....little to NO food, wild animals, & no where to sleep. I absolutely am so pissed about it. The kid that dumped them, yes thats right again there were two dogs, is a complete puke. He is the definition to me of useless flesh. His Bro & Sis in law told him to get rid of the dogs because he wasn't taking care of them. He did.

The other one found his way home & little Diesel here was found by one of the local farmers, who turned him into the city pound. One of my moms good friends, who also has a couple mini's, was told about him & came right to my house. She had no details about the pup but told me to call the City or they would have to put him down. There was no way I could feel good about that. I talked to Trev about it, got a hold of the City worker & we made a plan to meet yesterday morning. We got there & instantly fell in love.

He is a little scarred in some places & is very very skinny, he was wandering for a week, & is a very scared little guy. He follows us everywhere we go & snuggles up to any of us the instant we sit down.
It will take a while to get him use to leashes, being outside & being alone.

Right now all the poor thing needs is a little TLC!! We are the people to do it!!!


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