Friday, January 2, 2015

• Friday Five •

1>> I recorded Footloose, the new one, it makes me miss dance so much. It makes me jealous of Julianne Hough & her skinny body!  I would love to be like her someday. 

2>> No matter how many times my boys see their grandma & grandpa Toomer on a daily basis, they still miss them when they go on a little vacation! FYI Carter gets a sleepover tomorrow when they get home from Utah! 

3>> I fought to not get a big dog... I fought to not let her be an inside dog. I lost. Now that Dali our Daniff is an inside dog, I can't leave her outside for more than 20 minutes. She makes me feel safe at night when Trev is at work! 

4>> We are done havin babies. 2015 will be my year to get my old personality back. No more sadness about things I CAN control. I will lose weight & feel better about myself!

5>> Trev & I have had a lot more date nights in the last month than ever. I feel like it's our first year of knowing each other & it's the best! After 8 years of knowing my love, I still get butterflies!! 


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