Saturday, January 31, 2015

•The Dreaded Toys On The Floor•

I can not count how many times a day I step on toys. They hide in the walking path from my kitchen to my most comfortable recliner ever! Some they don't even freakin hide. They are just out there in plain sight, in the middle of the floor. No matter how many times I tell those boys to clean up that train track or army guy before it ends up in between their toes, they just come back with "ok mom" & giggle while they go back to playing with their turtles or paw patrols or who knows what else they have on that floor. 

And then comes that moment that they are running in their room after each other or fighting over a toy. It happens, the inevitable foot pain. They stepped on that toy you told them to clean up 5 minutes ago. So many times I have wanted to say to them things that mamas only whisper under their breath. 

• "I told you that would happen."
• "It hurts doesn't it?"
• "Maybe you should listen to your mom once in a while" 
• "Neeener Neeener"
• "Sucks To Be You"
• "Walk it off, it happens to me 3 or 4 times a day. 
• "Oh you're fine, stop it."

But of course I would never say that. Those boys probably wouldn't listen to me even if I did. I can sympathize with them. It happens regularly and it hurts. I know what it feels like to step on the train tracks in perfect placement of the arch of my foot. It doesn't feel good. So I pick them up into my lap, snuggle, kiss the owie better, & rub their feet until they feel better.  I will always help them put those nasty toys away after the meltdown. And as always, maybe just to hear myself say it, I will tell them to put the toys they are not playing with away. 


  1. I think every parent relates to this. I stopped trying to get my daughter to clean up her toys every day awhile ago. I aim for once a week, when I need to vacuum lol.