Friday, January 9, 2015

• Friday Five •

Five Things I Want My Boys To Know Growing Up

1>> I want them to know that Trevor & I will ALWAYS be someone they can come to. 

2>> I want them to know that school is one of the most important phases of life they will go through. Sometimes it's easy & sometimes it's really hard! It's always worth it. 

3>> I want them to know that family is everything. I want them to be the first ones to stick up for each other no matter the circumstance. I want them to be best friends. 

4>> I want them to do what they love without pressure. I don't want them to do sports or date a girl because someone told them to. I want them to play sports if they have a passion for them & I want them to date girls that intrigue them, not just their physical appearance. 

5>> I want them to have respect & give respect to everyone they meet. Most of all I want them to respect the women who are in their lives, present & future. I want them to understand the word no. I do not want them to make anyone uncomfortable. I want them to live, hope & love. 


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