Wednesday, January 14, 2015

• You Know You're A Mom Of Boys When... •

- bath time rules:: no standing in the tub just to watch yourself pee

- you find toys where the food should be & food stashed where the toys should go

- the summertime sweaty smell reminds you that they are having fun & making memories

- throwing couch pillows is deadly

- when you sit on the potty & you're bum ends up wet with pee

- shooting imaginary animals with the nerf guns & toy rifles is totally acceptable 

- a quiet house means naughty, up to no good boys

- you don't ask about the bloody nose or the scraped knees... You just clean it up & kiss it better.

- laying on the floor is NEVER ok.. You will see running kids yelling "incoming"

-the stories you tell your friends with just girls, make them Thank God they only have girls

- the way to a little boys heart... High 5 & knuckles

- you know every Ninja Turtle, every mutant & who they were before the mutagen turned them over

- everything & anything will eventually be a sword or gun or thrown at the wall

- everyday you will survive a hurricane & after those wilds are settled in their beds, you walk out to assess the damage & remember they made lots of memories today!! 


  1. Awwwhhh! I love it!!! You're right, too! It's all about embracing the moment and creating amazing memories! <3

  2. This is SO true. My son is only 15 months old, but he is already doing so many of these. haha They are a mess for sure, but so lovable.

  3. Awwww sooo cute!!! I have 2 girls but your boys are precious!!!

  4. This is so cute! I nanny for a little boy and this is so true. Especially never laying on the floor. I learned to regret that fast haha.

  5. Love this!! So far my son is a little too young for a lot of this, instead of guns everything gets turned into a car - the sugar packets on the table, pieces of food, etc... But I have younger brothers so I know all this is coming soon ;)

  6. I love this post! I only have one girl, but some of those things totally apply to my house too!

  7. bahaha - bath time rules:: no standing in the tub just to watch yourself pee
    I adore this, even though I'm a girl mom. She is just total rough and tumble at the moment, loves dirt and trucks but her princesses too =)