Monday, January 19, 2015

• Winner Winner •

Living in small town Grace, ID it's fun to buy a scratch lottery ticket here & there! Sometimes you win nothing, sometimes your money back & sometimes you win big!!

$1,000 win called for a mini family vacation to Boise, ID to claim our winnings!! 

After we got done at the ticket office we went to Kam's most favorite store ever!

Peyt did not love our selfies! & Carter has been into Madagascar a lot lately so when we got to the African exhibit he asked if the animals were the same as Madagascar & if we were really in Africa!! Love his imagination.

We spent the night at Trevs sisters' house & the boys loved it! Peyt did not sleep, no surprise there. He never does! 

The next day we decided on the Idaho Aquarium! The boys were so excited to go & to our surprise they got to feed the stingrays & sharks! It was so much fun!!

We were waiting to check in to our hotel so we decided to check out the mall!! We  (Trevor), I was already determined, caved & went in Build A Bear!!! The boys had so so much fun!! They filled their choices with fluff, did a cute little thing for their hearts to put inside, gave them a bath to get all the fluff off & gave them a birth certificate!!

Then it came time to do the most anticipated activity!! 
They were so ecstatic to swim!!

So after all our excitement we had one of the best, most relaxing weekends ever! I don't think we have ever had a vacation that we didn't worry at all about money! We JUST HAD FUN!!! & that's all that matters!!


  1. Nice win! How fun and exciting. And Cabelas is one of our favorite places. Great pictures, looks like a fun time!

  2. Nice! I have to worst luck with gambling so I don't even try. Love that you guys had a great time together (and not having to worry about the expenses was an extra nice bonus). :)

  3. Wooo! What an amazing feeling that must have been to win big. I feel like the most I've ever won was $20. Ha. I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy a relaxing getaway where you didn't have to street about expenses. And, I'm sure the kiddos loved getting to swim, especially during winter. So fun!

  4. Congratulations! I once won $5000 playing bingo. It was wonderful! So glad that you got to enjoy a getaway as well!