Thursday, February 20, 2014

•A New Bed, New Formula & Bad Numbers•

Two & three days ago Peyton started leveling out with his glucose numbers. They had stayed right in the ballpark of 60-110. He had been receiving vitamins & extra iron with his feedings & he had been puking just a little more than we'd like for him to. So I brought up the idea of switching to Similac Soy because our other boys were on that. They decided to start him on that yesterday & fortify it to add more calories so he's not losing those! We will more than likely go home fortifying his formula until he can start growing fast & on his own so that is one other thing mommy will have to learn!! Peyton did not have a good morning early Thursday nor did he have a good Thursday night! His numbers were in the 300's Thursday morning, they came down a little ways to 153 by mid afternoon & then began going up to the 400's by 9 p.m. When this happens they give him a bolus of insulin. A bolus dose of insulin is the dose of regular or rapid-acting insulin that is injected to cover the food eaten in a meal or a snack. They started to go down as of midnight, so hopefully when we get up there this morning they will be back to normal. 

This was Thursday morning around 1. Daddy was stressed & needed some snuggle time.

With the bad always comes the good! Peyton was moved to a big boy crib! They do this when the babies can control their body temps on their own & without the bed warmer!! Peyton is now up to 4.1 lbs & keeps warm on his own!!

Peyton is known as a little monkey to a lot of his nurses! We have one night nurse in particular that is just amazing with him!! Granted he is more awake at night (oops days & night mixed up) but he will take full feeds for her & she is just so good with him! Next time she is working I will get a picture!! 

So we are still just working with this roller coaster of glucose number, & hope we find a happy medium in the next little while.

Thanks so much for the prayers & thoughts!!


  1. Aww! I remember when Sophie got to move to an actual crib as well. All your pictures bring back memories. Do you go home and hear the monitors beeping in your head too? :)