Saturday, February 15, 2014

•Peyton Update & Wyatt's 2nd Birthday•

The hardest thing for me through this whole trial is being torn between being home with Carter & Wyatt and being with Peyton. I am so blessed to have my family as close & as flexible as I do. My parents have been amazing this last week. I am so glad they have a close relationship that consists of seeing my kids on a daily basis, it has helped immensely in our situation. The boys love their Grandma & Grandpa so much. I'm so happy they are comfortable there. My parents are one in a million!! I have to give my sister huge credit as well! Not only does she have her own child, but she has also been helping my mom out with the boys, plus taking care of her own family!! My boys love their Aunt Lace, Uncle Cam & Uncle Braden! Seriously I am beyond blessed & have felt so much strength & love throughout this.

So we decided to come home for the weekend since it was Wyatt's birthday on the 11th & we missed it. We celebrated today with him! 

He was completely spoiled with Toy Story toys & a fun blocks table that has a flat side to use while coloring or doing puzzles!! 

It was so much fun! 

I have been calling every morning & every night to check on little P!! He is in great hands & doing so good!! So since he is so little, he bruises every single time they have to switch out his I.V.'s. It's not only heartbreaking but it is hard to keep his insulin going through that if they're constantly changing it. He received a PIC line early early Saturday morning. It will help his continuous drip of insulin & it can be left in for up to a month before it needs replaced. He started out received 1.5 but today his glucose numbers dropped to the 70's. They would like to keep them between 110-200. They dropped his insulin to 1 this afternoon. He has been very alert and awake today which means he is feeling good! We have noticed when he sleeps through his cares or being poked while getting his glucose reads, his numbers are going to be high because he doesn't feel well. He has GAINED WEIGHT!!! When we started this journey he dropped from his birth weight of 3.15 lbs to 3.9 lbs. Today his last weight was just under 3.14 lbs!!!! I'm so stinking excited to hear that! It is a huge step towards the going home process!! I know 5 oz. doesn't sound like much, but to this mom & dad it's huge!! 

So P is doing great! Thanks so much for all your prayers & gifts! They mean soo much to us!! 


  1. Yay for weight gain! :) glad you were able to go home and spend time with your boys. Take care of yourself too!