Wednesday, February 12, 2014

•Peyton's Update•

There really isn't much to update right now. He is up to eating 30 mL every 3 hours, 5-10 mL are usually through his bottle & the rest through the pump. He is still just to tired to eat it all on his own. We are 12 hr intervals of Lantus (insulin). We will be sent home with the insulin so we will be trained on how to dilute it & how to give it. We have three main goals to work towards before we can go home: 1. Keep his body temps up 2. Gain some weight, hoping to get up to 5, but they have sent some home at 4.2 pounds 3. Figure out which insulin doses are going to work best for him.

Keep praying for us. I will update if anything new happens. Thank you to everyone who has sent us money & food & mostly all the prayers!!


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