Sunday, February 23, 2014

•Peyton Update•

So last night was still a high night. Not near as high as before, our highest was 266. Dr. Null has been a diabetic for like 40 years, so he kind of has a better idea of this diabetic thing, there have been times that even he has been so confused by Peyton. He is an amazing doctor & is so highly thought of, I have no doubt that he will do everything he needs to do to help Peyton!!

We have been bolusing insulin & keeping the insulin drip off for the day because his days have been right where they need to, so we started the drip back at .03 on at 7 in hopes that the time frame will keep his numbers where they need to be. He is still on his continuous feeding... 

So as of 8:00 p.m. his numbers have started going up again...they have done this every night for the past three nights...we are still checking every half hour for now & we have turned up his insulin to .04.

This rollercoaster ride really sucks...


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