Tuesday, February 18, 2014

•Peyton Update•

We haven't had much happen with little P lately! We are working on getting him regulated with his glucose! Sometimes it will be really high so we turn the drip of insulin on & then it drops to low so we turn the insulin off.. It's just an ongoing process of trial & error. Today we have had 2 glucose tests that have been 100 on a .03 insulin drip! Our goal is to stay between 70 & 110, so we are on track!

They checked his red blood cells & they are a little low so he had to go on a medicine for that until they are back up to what they need to be! 

His weight dropped a little from 3.13 to 3.9 because he was puking from the vitamins they were giving him so we did lose a little but not much!! 

He is a mommas boy for sure!

He does love his dad!! I promise!


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