Tuesday, September 17, 2013

::High School Days::

September 17: 
A memory you would love to relive. 

I loved school...almost every aspect of school was good for me. I had good grades & for the most part good teachers too. I was on drill team & lived for dancing. I miss dancing so stinking much. It was such a good relief 7th hour after the stress of tests & hard assignments, to just go dance it off. I had the life in high school, we had so much fun. I miss having such a carefree life, the money from my job was just to spend on whatever! I could shop, I could do whatever I pleased! I had fun & maintained good grades, I worked & still had fun. I learned to be responsible but I do wish I would have been a little more daring. If I could relive anything it would be my carefree high school days.


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