Tuesday, September 3, 2013

::The Start of Blogtember!!::

It's the start of BLOGTEMBER. I am so excited to start this. I love having prompts to write about!

Today's prompt asks that you describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

There are lots of people that I come from. I could go on and on about the farmers, the "poor" hard workers from way back when. All that is interesting , don't get me wrong, but mostly interesting when your doing family history. This is not family history though. This is supposed to be about me & to give you an insight on me. I have two amazing parents & my guardian angel Grandma Vicki that have made me who I am. I have carried down their traits in my genes & now my kids will be able to have some traits of theirs as well.
This is my guardian angel. She battled cancer for a very long time. I had to watch her suffer through chemo & not have enough energy to walk 5 feet. She is the definition of peace. This woman was the glue of our family. She kept the crazy to a minimum when we all decided to get together & chaos would break lose. She had the best advice & the best listening ears around. I never went a week without talking to her. She made sure to come to one of my dance competitions every year when she lived 6 hours away & it was usually nearing the end of winter. It never stopped her from supporting us Idaho grandchildren. She would sacrifice anything to give her family what they needed. In that way I am just like her. I think of others before myself. If I have extra money, I think to pay a bill or buy my kids clothes before buying anything for myself. I try to communicate with Trev the way she communicated with Grandpa. Their marriage was one of the strongest. They always showed love for each other. Grandma had a way of making people feel special in their own way. I think I do the same. I "spoil", I guess you could say, my boys in different ways because of the different things they like. She has and always will be my hero. I treasure the memories I have of her & I will never forget.

These two people are the most amazing parents someone could ask for. 25 years later they are still happily married. They have been through some tough things in their marriage, but they stayed strong & pushed through it all. I learned how to be a parent through watching them. I know that no matter what I can depend on them. I have been told that I am a very dependable person. I get that from them. I see so many of my personality traits from my mom & dad. I hate to be late, I'd rather not go if I am late (dad). I say a lot of things to Carter that my mom used to say to Braden (deja vu much). I am very quiet, but stubborn. Combination from them. I am a list maker & I worry constantly about money. I get that from my dad. I'm convinced I will have high blood pressure when I am older, just like him. So i guess you could say that I come from stubborn, strong-willed, sympathetic, helpful & very lovable people!


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