Thursday, May 2, 2013

::Gettin Down & Gettin Dirty Bein A Mom::

It's day 2 of my Blog Every Day In May. Its all about something I know a lot about. What better than being a mommy!!
I do this every day all day. I am up at all hours of the day & night. I have been puked on, cloroxed the bathtub because a certain little one year old thinks its ok to poop every single night for the past two weeks in the tub, i have done it all! I would never take back having my sweet little munchkins tho. Especially when my little Carter bug tells me how pretty I look or brings me a flower (dandelion) & says "mom, i picked this flower just for you." Nothing could take away the feeling I get when I have those experiences.
It is hard work being a mom. The mom does IT ALL. Everyone thinks it easy's not.. I haven't slept in almost 4 years. Carter has never been a good sleeper. He has always been up at least 3 times a night. Its definitely no fun, but like I said...wouldn't take it back ever. My house is never spotless, I always have dishes in the sink & my tub usually still has toys from the night before sitting the next day.
I am no perfect mom but I do my best & I get told frequently by Carter that I am his best friend. I love having my boys around...they test me & they give me the best feeling in the world. I love being a mommy!!


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