Friday, May 17, 2013

::What I Miss::

Day 12 is what I miss the most.....

Pictures 1 2 &3 are from high school drill team. Me Whit & Ky were inseperable & their friendship was amazing. All 3 of us have moved on to new things but we still keep in touch with each other & have each others back no matter what. I miss our tight friendship.

Picture 4 is Graduation night with my Grandma Vicki & Grandpa Lee. These 2 people are on my top hero list. They are so amazing. I value everything they ever did & do for me. I miss my Grandma. She was/is amazing. I LOVE HER!

Picture 5 is one of my senior pictures. I used to take 1-2 hours "dolling" myself up. I miss caring so much about myself. Ii know I have 2 little boys to care most about but sometimes mommies need their time to.

Picture 6 is college. This is super shallow...I looked so good bodywise. I think this was definitely the best I ever looked. Sad to say this was also the peak of my eating problems. This was the year it all came out & I decided to fall back mainly on Trev. I do miss this body though.


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