Tuesday, May 7, 2013

::I'm Most of Afraid of::

I think when you become a mom, your babies become your most valued possessions. I love my 3 boys. I don't know what my life would have ever been like had I not decided to that I loved my husband enough to stick out when he found out Kam was his son. It was hard, don't get me wrong. Being a step-mom is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is emotionally and physically draining. It is understanding the boundaries of the mom and staying within those boundaries. It is a lot of good communication and meeting in the middle.
I treat Kam as if he is my own. I'm the only step-mom he has ever known. I was dating Trevor when he came into this world and from that day to the present we have been a family. I always knew I was going to marry Trev. I sucked him in...he couldn't resist staying with me. I love him so much & he has given me two of the best little boys in this world.
I am most afraid of losing my boys. I love them all just the same and just the same as well. 

I am very close to my family. I live about 2 blocks from my parents and my sister and bro-in-law are living with them till their house gets here so we are very close. They are there in a pinch anytime I need them to keep my kids and I am here when Lacie and Cam need me to take Kasleigh. Kas loves Carter and is such an easy going baby! She was a puker for the first few months and hard to figure out what was goin on with the little stink, but we were all there for Lacie! That's what we do. 
I am also most afraid of losing them.

Ok so on a funny note though....
I am most afraid of MIDGETS....Small People... Whatever.
I was on the high-school drill-team and we were at boys basketball districts, well the place we were at had a midget janitor. We were in the wrestling room and we were changing getting ready for halftime and in he walks while we are half naked....huge impact on me. It scared me & now I can't even watch Little People Big World. 


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