Friday, May 31, 2013

::One year::

Yay I am so happy to have made it one year with this blog!! It is such a good way to let everyone in on what we are up to!!
We have loved the warm days we have had!! Kam has moved to Malad with his mom! We are ecstatic! No more meeting in Twin Falls. 2.5 hours of driving to twin vs. 40 minutes to McCammon!! McCammon wins for us! More time with Kam Bam too, Carter has missed him the most I think. He loves his brother.
Wyatt is everywhere now. He is an outside dude for sure. He screams & throws a fit everything we have to come in.
Carter has made some new friends with the cute kids across the street. We have always known them but now the kids are to the age where they start playing with other kids!! It is so fun & so good to get Carter away from his momma. My boys are severely attached to me! I hate it, but what do you expect from being a stay at home mom. We are always friends!!


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