Friday, May 3, 2013

::Wait... Ugh... What???::

Day 3 of Blog Every Day In May. Something that makes me uncomfortable...lots.
This is probably a huge one for lots...public bathrooms. I hate them. They are disqusting 90% of the time. Very rarely do I ever find one that is decent. When I was in H.S. I would wait until I was hunched over in pain from such a full doesn't work like that with little boys. My boys have chose the worst places possible to have to go potty. After I had Wyatt I went on the Bee Pollen Diet! Great Results! Terrible Side Effects. If I even looked at sugar I would have to run to the bathroom..TMI...lay it out for ya I have, I got horrible diarrhea. When I ate anything junk I was in the bathroom fast. It was horrible...& hugely uncomfortable.

The next most uncomfortable is being at my in-laws & a condom commercial or a sex scene from a movie advertises & we are all in the room. I am so shy when my husband has dirty jokes let alone be in the same room as my in-laws watching a commercial that humiliates everyone.

So yeah..there is my top two most uncomfortableis ideas.


  1. I hate public bathrooms too! That was my biggest fear of potty training Sophie. ha ha! She has to hold her hands on the seat to go and I just have to look away and make her wash super good after she is done. We have been in some pretty gross bathrooms as well on our long car trips! And ya... those commercials/moments are super awkward.